UBA’s Leo Resolves Over 100,000 Complaints in 1yr


United Bank for Africa has said its Artificial Intelligence Chatbot, Leo has been able to resolve customer complaints running above 100,000 in its one year of existence.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Social Media Week in Lagos on Monday Head of Online Banking at UBA, Austin Abolusoro, noted that the Chatbot which was set up to help customers ease up their banking experience has been resolving customer complaints.

“Within a year now I can tell you that Leo has resolved problems in the range of hundreds of thousands in terms of complaints that has come in the last one yer. So we see a lot of complaints that people would have called or sent email, they now go to Leo to complain.

“Leo is an AI bot that makes use of available data to resolve your complain. And when Leo is not able to resolve it will log it for human to resolve it and if it needs additional information it transfers it to an human agent.

In terms of demographics, he said about 72 per cent of customers on the platform are between the age of 18 to 34 “and at the top end we have customers that are 65 years and above at five per cent.

“So we actually see some old or aged people using Leo and it is interesting that we have people of that age using Leo. Basically there is no age restriction so long as you are on social media and you have an account or you want to open an account you can connect. But most of the people we see on Leo are within the age bracket of 18 to 34.

“Leo is bringing new things in that before now customers will either come to the bank or use other digital platform, mobile application or USSD but, just a year ago we launched Leo where we have brought these services same services that customers have access to many more to social media platform. We started with Facebook messenger and then we extended to WhatsApp. We brought banking to the chatrooms.”

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