N907bn Treasury Bills to mature in Jan, Feb


The Central Bank of Nigeria ( CBN) has issued the Treasury Bills issuance programme for the first two months of the year in its bit to create liquidity in the system.

According to the issuance calendar, the apex bank’s issuance for January and February this year would be lower than the maturing bills during the period.

Between January and February a total of N907.88 billion is expected to mature in the 91-, 182- and 364-day bills. It will however rollover Tbills worth N823.46 billion in the two month period.

The issuance calendar indicates that a total of N225.449 billion will be maturing next week Thursday; N5.849 billion in the 91-day bill, N26.6 billion in the 182-day bill and N193 billion in the 364-day bill.

The bills maturing next week will however be rolled over. On January 31 it also plans to roll over the N7.851 billion, N69.565 billion and N177.219 billion of the 91-, 182- and 364 day bill that woiuld be maturing.
There will also be three maturities in February

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