NADDC boss canvasses environmentally friendly technologies

Director General and Chief Executive of National Automotive Design and Developemt Council, Mr Jelani Aliyu, MFR

The Director General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Mr. Jelani Aliyu, has revealed that Nigeria must hit the ground running in order to meet the technological advancements across all sectors of our economy.

Aliyu, who extolled virtue of climate friendly technologies, said, “nature will no longer be seen as a force to conquer, but rather as a medium to live in harmony with and sustainably draw energy from.”

The automobile guru, who made the disclosure in a release to The Economic Times said, “it is easy to talk about connectivity and that the world is now a global village, but what is it that is actually happening?”

“I strongly believe that what we are dealing with is the very evolution of human consciousness, never before experienced on a global level, to a level of civility and enlightenment that will forever change the interactive relationships within the human species and between us and the environment.

“Yes, pockets of misunderstanding will continue, this being inevitable if not natural, but overall the humans species will continue on an elevated level of consciousness, unity and environmental sustainability,” Aliyu said.

According to him, if today countries with radical governments are the ones prone to International sanctions and hence hardship for their people, in the very near future it will most likely be those nations that choose to not adopt environmental consciousness and sustainability that would be penalized, sanctioned and barred from the rest of the advanced and progressive world.

Aliyu warned that Nigeria is at a cross roads: the decisions we take today will determine what becomes of us, we either push hard for very technologically advanced reform in all sectors or perish.

According to Aliyu, “We must nationally embrace the generation of renewable energy.
“We must universally embrace the electrification of vehicles.
“We must must embrace super advanced innovation at our universities and polytechnics.
“We must embrace large scale high tech mechanized agriculture.
“We must embrace modern, sustainable and climate compatible architecture for all,” he advised.